The CAD module of the proprietary Pigreco program has lots of artistic and technical drawing features and smart tools to prepare in an easy and intuitive way even the most challenging graphic projects in a “flat” 2D environment, so without the need of complicated 3D modeling. Pigreco is a powerful and open program with import-export capability of the most common file types like Autocad™ DXF, Rhino™ 3DM, Adobe™ AI, and many more.


The Pigreco CAM module turns the graphic projects generated in CAD into optimized tool paths in standard ISO G-code format for the Faro systems, with full management and control of all parameters related to the customized tool database, the synchro diamond-cutting, the rapid and feed rates, the tool path simulation, the use of the surface data acquired by the probe, the auto-alignment and much more.


This module  converts the generated 2D file into a 3D tool path wrapped around the geometry of the ring or bangle to be machined, whether it’s a regular, circular shape or irregular and not perfectly round surface like ellipses or ones created from particular profiles, with full management of the engraving, diamond-cutting and drilling processes as well as of the surface customization like satin finish and knurling.


The main tasks of this interface NC software are to load the .cnc files generated in CAM and manage in real time every function and parameter of the job being processed. Skipper also has useful features like batch creation for mass production in unattended operation and tool/coil integrity check to avoid waste of time and material, and for service purposes to check, even remotely, the status of the machine.

Pigreco Tutorial

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