High-performance and -precision milling center, specific for opening work with circular blade, with NC-defined opening and pantoscopic angles, drilling, tapping and 3-4 axes rest-machining processes on semi finished products in plastic and metal, supplied with revolving pallet (change in less than 1 sec) for intensive production in masked time and absolute safety, and tilting vise for machining on flat and inclined plane.
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Versatile 5-8 axes machine-tool for lens edging capable of drilling, countersinking, counter-boring, safety beveling and diamond-cutting and of all radial, at fixed angle and with offset machining processes, also on lens and mask rims, starting from base 0. Can be supplied with 6- or 13-position magazine, lens/mask feeder and different systems for detecting the position and orientation of the surface of special and silk-screened lenses.
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Desktop milling and drilling machine-tool for opening work with circular blade, with NC-defined opening and pantoscopic angles and rest machining processes in 3-5 axes on semi finished products in composite materials. Can be configured with different types of spindles, precise probe for surface detection, tilting and spindle axis with NC controlled inclination on the work table, when configured with twin spindle head, and pneumatic vises.
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Milling center supplied with electrospindle of 1,8 kW with automatic tool change that can be configured with multiple vises, custom made holding systems, angular, interpolated rotary axis and pivoting spindle with vertical tool and 360 degrees positioning for precision cutting of temples and front pieces, and with circular blade for opening, with NC-defined wrap and pantoscopic angles, drilling and tapping processes.